Augmented retail



Meotion consists in a powerful, yet easy-to-use, platform that makes it possible for brands to find places to showcase their creations. Meotion offers people, products and places a win-win-win shopping experience that would be impossible without the real shopping emotion, the digital service personnalization and a technology designed to help. 

The stores now focus on their service expertise for their beloved customers.

They do not buy a stock or make invoices anymore. 

The brands now focus on their design expertise.

They do not need to knock at each storefront’s door to find the one that will take the risk to buy a stock. Because now they know who their customers are, they can address them better.

Now, only them manage their offers and their brand image.

It is free to use Meotion

It is free for a brand to propose a product. It is free for an exhibition point to propose a showcase opportunity. The customer do not pay more for a product using Meotion’s technology.